The RD³ (Rapid Damage Detection Device) is a hand held, low cost non-destructive inspection instrument that can be used to detect voids, degradation, and delaminations in composite structures. No more tapping with a coin in a noisy environment for questionable results. The RD³, also known as the Electronic Digital Tap Hammer, supplements the subjective tonal discrimination of the operator with a quantitative, objective numeric readout that can be correlated to delaminations in the structure. The unit consists of a lightweight hammer containing an accelerometer, which is connected by flexible cable to a hand held module containing digital logic components and a liquid crystal display.

With its low cost, quantitative and recordable readout and ease of use, the RD³ will prove invaluable and indispensable to routine non-destructive examinations.

In a controlled comparison against another bondtester now on the market, the RD³ produced similar results and actually showed slightly greater relative signal change (sensitivity) at 4, 6 and 7 plies. (Their bondtester uses a solenoid-driven impact head to produce a controlled amplitude impact.) The RD³ did not show as great a signal change as the solenoid tapper did at 2 plies, but sensitivity is not an issue at this level because the signal difference between bonded and disbonded plies is so large. In terms of actual data, the RD³ compares favorably with the other much more complex and costly device.

For use on Composite and metallic Aircraft Structures for :
  • Locating/measuring impact damage
  • Repair evaluation
  • Monitoring :
    • Matrix degradation
    • Delaminations and disbonds
Unit of Measure


Approx. Shipping Weight

N/A 4 Pound


N/A 6625-01-459-0019

Size (L x W x D)

N/A 7" x 4" x 1 5/8"


N/A One 9 Volt Alkaline Battery

Battery Life

N/A 9 Volt-Approximately 20 Hours of Continuous Use. Automatic Display Reset to Save Battery Power


N/A Electronic Digital Tap Hammer Jack


N/A Large 0.350 Inch Liquid Crystal Display Low Battery Indicator Standard Oscilloscope Jacks


N/A Unbreakable, Watertight, Dustproof, Equipment Case with Foam Interior

Industries Served

N/A Aerospace Aircraft Automotive Marine Wind Engery

Standard Features

Standard Features

  • Portable, hand held low cost system
  • Can detect flaws with as little as 10 percent change
  • Large 0.350 inch display for digital value
  • Automatic display reset
  • Low weight detection hammer
  • Scope monitor jack for hammer signal evaluation and signal storage
  • Approximately 20 hours of continuous battery operation
  • Durable impact resistant case
  • "Low battery" light
  • 1-year warranty