The world's hottest hot bonder, the WichiTech HB-2 is a powerful, portable composite repair system that sets industry standards for ease of operation, safety, reliability and value. This durable system repairs metal, Kevlar, carbon, boron and fiberglass simply, safely and cost-effectively. HB-2 makes fast, flawless work of large or small repair jobs. The 35 pound USA-built unit is as simple to program as a microwave with its easy-to-read digital display and menu listed functions.

The custom made HB-2 is individually manufactured to your specifications. Select from a single zone unit up to a dual zone unit with two independent programmed heating zones, 20 amps each, and two individual adjustable vacuum zones or anywhere in between.

These twin features permit you to perform two independently-programmed cures simultaneously. Fail-safe protection is provided by the monitoring of multiple thermocouples, and audible alarms guard against temperature and vacuum conditions that could ruin the repair. Rugged field proven components shock mounted inside a tough, impact-resistant case mean years of reliable service from the HB-2 value engineered for first-time, every-time top of the line performance.
Unit of Measure



N/A 45 Pound


N/A HB2007

Heating Zones

N/A 1- Operator Programmable in Bonder and/or Monitor modes

Heating System

N/A Electric Blanket, Heat Lamps, Heat Gun

Heat/Dwell Steps

N/A 1 to 6

Heat Up Rate

N/A 1º to 15º in 1º increments °F/minute

Dwell Temperature

N/A 500 ºF

Dwell Time

N/A 0 to 999 minutes in 1º increments

Cool Down Rate

N/A 1º to 15º F/minute in 1º increments (passive)

Temperature Accuracy

N/A ±5 ºF

Heat Blankets

N/A 10" x 10" and 12" x 12" (110 V & 220 V) Standard


N/A Type J

Active Thermocouple Inputs

N/A 8 (Control and Backup)

Vacuum Pump (Standard)

N/A Oil-Free, Electric, 0.90 CFM

External Vacuum

N/A Shop Air with venturi at 60 to 120 psi

Vacuum Lines

N/A 1 with thru-bag connector

Active Vacuum Transducers

N/A 1 (0" to 30" Hg)

Alarm Conditions

N/A Low Vacuum, Open Thermocouple, Under Temperature, Over Temperature, Backwards T/C, Failed T/C, Blanket Control Failure (No Heat)

AC Power Supply

N/A Auto-switching 85-265 Volts, 47-440 Hz, 20 Amp (400 Hz at 115 VAC)

AC Safety Devices

N/A Circuit Breaker - 20 Amp


N/A 21" x 14" x 8"

Industries Served

N/A Aerospace Aircraft Automotive Marine Wind Engery



  • One operator programmable, independent heating zone
  • One individual, adjustable vacuum zone
  • Menu driven functions with single keystroke execution
  • 32 library cure program memory
  • Multiple thermocouples, audible alarms, circuit breakers for safety/performance protection
  • Custom size color-coded printer
  • Sunlight readable LED display
  • Tough, lightweight Xenoy™ transport case, small enough to fit in airplane overhead storage
  • Self-storing unit with space for cables, heating blankets, thermocouples
  • Universal AC power 85-265 VAC, 47-440 Hz
  • 8 Tc's
  • S.I. or metric units
  • Standard 72-hour service turnaround time
  • Standard 3-year warranty
  • Precision (1%) output power control
  • Auto-switching AC universal power
  • Generate vacuum with either internal electric vacuum pump or standard venturi
  • 20 A single zone operation