The WichiTech F4BTS001 Blanket Test System (BTS) can be used to help verify the operational status of traditional silicone rubber heating blankets and other equivalent resistive heating mechanisms. The Blanket Test System is a small handheld unit with external ports provided for connection to other smart devices. External devices may include a personal computer, a serial printer, a smart hot bonder (i.e., HB-1 or HB-2 ) or any other auxiliary blanket test equipment (Uniform Heating Test Platform - UHTP©).

Accessories include the clips, probes and cabling to interconnect these devices to the blanket under test. An optional, coupon-sized, serial printer is also available from WichiTech. The printer runs on a re-chargeable battery and ships with a battery charger. The printer allows the operator to keep a permanent record of a test.
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N/A BTS001


N/A 7" x 4" x 1 5/8"

Industries Served

N/A Aerospace Aircraft Automotive Marine Wind Engery

Test System Options

Test System Options

N/A The Blanket Tester Operation is based on four high level options:

Manual Mode Testing

When selected, this option prompts the operator for the wattage and voltage ratings of the blanket to be tested. Based on these operator inputs the BTS calculates an acceptable resistance range for the blanket, tests the actual resistance of the blanket and makes an automatic PASS/FAIL determination.

Ohms Mode (Boeing Document D6-56273) Operation
This option assumes that the blanket under test has been tested previously and that the operator knows the last acceptable resistance. The BTS prompts the operator for this value and performs a PASS/FAIL test of the blanket based on this value.

The set-up option provides a sequence of menu screens that prompt the operator for the desired system settings such as backlight, contrast, date/time, calibration, etc. After exiting the setup option, any changes/settings will remain in effect until the operator modifies the settings again. Settings are retained even if the unit is powered off.

The UHTP© mode provides for the communication and control of the optional Uniform Heating Test Platform©. If no suitable device, is connected, this mode is non-functional and the display indicates "no device found".

Note: There are two additional operational modes. The About and Ohmmeter modes are not displayed options, but they are accessible from the BTS Main Menu by pressing '5' or '6' respectively.

The About option provides configuration information about the system.

The ohmmeter mode operates the BTS as a standard digital ohmmeter. The ohmmeter operates in five different ranges. The lowest range is used by the BTS in the Manual and Ohms mode.

Standard Features

Standard Features

  • RS-232 serial port
  • RS-485 serial port
  • Small, 7" x 4" x 1 5/8" handheld enclosure with tilt/stand
  • User-friendly, "no manual needed"
  • Backlit, graphic LCD display
  • Battery-operated
  • 3 3/4 digit ohmmeter, ±40000 count resolution, conversion time is 20 msec
  • Standard banana plug terminations