• Primary Image - Oven Control System

    The Oven Control System (OCS) executes a pre-programmed temperature profile entered by the operator or taken from a standard library of cures (64 total). While executing, the OCS continually monitors all of the active temperature measurement points and vacuum points for actual behavior as compared to the preset profile. In the event of a severe deviation from the profile the OCS will signal the operator with a siren and visual display alarm. The OCS is modularized to allow the monitoring of several items curing within the oven at the same time. For instance, each block of eight thermocouples could be connected to a dedicated block of eight thermocouples situated in different corners of a large oven. The display can be segmented to display the details of each of the items in the oven. Control of the oven is accomplished by using the median (average of the hottest and coldest Tcs), the coldest Tc or the hottest Tc out of the entire set of configured Tcs to control the oven temperature. The control outputs of the controller will be the same voltage as the input voltage to the OCS. If 110 VAC based control is desired, power the OCS with 110 VAC.