• Primary Image - Blanket Test System

    The WichiTech F4BTS001 Blanket Test System (BTS) can be used to help verify the operational status of traditional silicone rubber heating blankets and other equivalent resistive heating mechanisms. The Blanket Test System is a small handheld unit with external ports provided for connection to other smart devices. External devices may include a personal computer, a serial printer, a smart hot bonder (i.e., HB-1 or HB-2 ) or any other auxiliary blanket test equipment (Uniform Heating Test Platform - UHTP©).

    Accessories include the clips, probes and cabling to interconnect these devices to the blanket under test. An optional, coupon-sized, serial printer is also available from WichiTech. The printer runs on a re-chargeable battery and ships with a battery charger. The printer allows the operator to keep a permanent record of a test.